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How to Buy Bus Ticket to Yerevan from Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is a huge city. It could be very confusing to get around. Even more confusing is to buy unusual thing like international bus ticket.

But fear not! Here’s the step by step guide on how to buy the bus ticket from Tehran to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. This guide could be applied to another international destinations, for example Istanbul, Iraq, and Syria, as the bus agency runs services to multiple international destinations from Tehran.

Getting to bus agency

There are four bus terminal in Tehran:

  1. Western Bus Terminal (also called as Azadi Bus Terminal)
  2. Southern Bus Terminal
  3. Eastern Bus Terminal
  4. Beihaghi Bus Terminal

To buy the ticket for cities or countries west or north-west of Tehran, you should go to Western Bus Terminal.

For example, because of Yerevan is in the west of Tehran, so the bus to Yerevan departing from the Western Bus Terminal. There are some other destinations here, for example Istanbul and Tabriz.

To get to the Western Bus Terminal, take a metro to the Azadi Square Station (Meydan-e-Azadi) at Line 4 (Yellow). Be aware that the station is not called Azadi, but Azadi Square.


When exiting the metro station, take the left exit. You can see the sign that says “To Bus Station”, as opposite of “To Taxi Station”.

Once outside, immediately turn left and just go straight pass the city bus stations. Don’t stop at this place as this is not the actual bus terminal.

The rule of thumb here is to go straight to the north. If there’s a wall, just go right and enter the gate there, and continue straight north.

Metro Station to Western Terminal

If you follow the path above, after climbing a ramp, you should end up behind the parked buses. Just walk straight past the buses, and look for the terminal building’s door.

The bus agency is in your right immediately after entering the terminal building.

The agency name is “Gity Peyma Iran”. Or you could find them by their logo:

Bus agency

You can confirm that it is the right agency if you see one of the poster there in the counter that says “Istanbul”. That’s the indication that the agency runs international bus services.

To get more confirmation, pay attention to the price board in the counter. You should see some insane amount of money there, like 1,800,000 or 3,000,000.

Buying the ticket

Approach one of the staffs behind the counter there, and just speak in clear, slow English. The manager there speaks very good English. So, when the counter staff couldn’t understand something, he/she will call the manager and the manager will take care of the rest.

Once the understand your purpose, in this case to get bus ticket to Yerevan, they will ask for your passport. Just hand it to them, and they will direct you to the payment counter, which is just beside the ticketing counter.

The ticket price to Yerevan from Tehran is 1,800,000 Iranian Rial, which is around $50.

The bus will depart from the Western Bus Terminal of Tehran at 13:00 and supposedly takes around 24 hours to get to Yerevan in Armenia. They told me to be ready at the front of the counter at 12:00 noon.

It is very good idea to buy the ticket in advance. When I tried to buy the bus ticket for the next day, it’s already sold out. So I ended up buying the ticket for the day after the next. Pay attention to this, especially if your Iranian visa is almost expired, or your $$ is almost depleted.

Once you paid, you’ll be given the actual ticket, like below. It’s very wise to ask the staff to write down the information in English.

Tehran-Yerevan Ticket

So that’s it. It is actually very easy to buy the bus ticket in Tehran to another countries, in this case to Yerevan, Armenia. Good luck!