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What I Pack for My Journey

Originally, today, January 12th 2016, will be the day I’m officially a nomad. You don’t need to ask me how excited I was. Sadly, I had a flu (not just a cold!) since last Saturday, and until today I’m still feeling super weak. So I decided to postpone it until next week. The new date will be Wednesday, January 20th 2016.

However, in the middle of the flu haze, I packed the bag anyway, with the hope that I will recover in time (read: today). Needless to say, I didn’t recover in time. Oh, and the packing process was awful. Out of all diseases I’ve had, if I’ve to rank the most terrible, flu is second only to Dengue Fever. Well, at least I could write a blog post about what I pack, now that I’ve actually made an effort to pack it.

So, here we go, all the things that I will bring for my journey. Note that this will be multiple years travel, so I’m bringing clothings for four seasons: stay cool in the summer, stay warm in the winter.

Packing List

Let’s break it down.


  • Osprey Talon 33
  • Osprey Daylite 13

Osprey Talon is my main backpack. It’s a 33L, top loading backpack. Everything that I bring will be stuffed inside this backpack, even that Osprey Daylite! Speaking about Osprey Daylite, I found it to be a perfect daypack. I first used it for my trip to Taiwan, and it was awesome, whether hiking Taroko Gorge or exploring the city of Taipei, Osprey Daylite is a perfect daypack for me. Now you all know about my love for Osprey.


  • 5x Uniqlo Fast Drying Shirt
  • Uniqlo Chino Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Thermal Underwear Top
  • Thermal Underwear Pants
  • 5x Underwears
  • Hoodie
  • Windbreaker

I learned about travel clothings during my China trip in the winter of 2014. Turns out, I don’t need all of those bulky winter gears! All I need to do is to layer my clothings. This works like a charm for me: thermal underwears + T-shirts + hoodie + windbreaker + jeans. Haven’t tried that for extreme winter though. But I was comfortable with that setup even when it was below zero.


  • Reebok Running Shirt
  • Reebok Running Shorts
  • Running Belt
  • Speedo Swimming Jammers
  • Speedo Goggles

I run. I swim. Those things weight nothing and take a negligible amount of space.


  • Merrell All Out Blaze Hiking Boots
  • Merrell Bare Access Running Shoes
  • 4x Nike Low Cut Socks
  • Flip Flops

For everyday footwear, I always wear a pair of hiking boots. It’s so comfortable, it’s durable, and it’s an all rounder. Basically, I could use it for anything, from a party to jungle trekking.


  • 2015 Macbook Air 13”
  • Oneplus One
  • Sony Pocket Camera
  • Kindle Touch
  • Xiaomi 10000 mAh External Battery
  • Universal Power Adapter
  • Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones

This is the most crucial section of my packing list. That Macbook is my lifeline. I need it to do works, blogging, and learn things. Also, that Oneplus One smartphone is crucial for me for Android development.

Everything else here is just a secondary devices. Doesn’t mean that I’m okay with them being stolen though!


  • Passport
  • Journal Notebook
  • Stationeries
  • 2x Padlocks
  • 2x Online Banking Tokens
  • Fast Drying Towel
  • Eye Mask
  • Ear Plugs

Passport? Of course. I do write a private journals, so the notebook will be my medium.

As I will mainly be staying in hostel dorms, eye mask and ear plugs are essential. Those two items are the difference between sleep deprivation and sleeping like a baby.

Last but not least, fast drying towel. This one item is a godsend. So small and dry so fast. Basically I could just put it at the bedside after using it, and in an hour or so, bam, completely dry. I could also use it for sporting purpose as it’s so portable.

And here it is, everything packed up inside the Talon, minus what I will wear. It only weighs 5kg, it’s screaming “ULTRALIGHT!”.