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Year's End Trip

Wanderlust is in my veins.

Every chance of travel, I would take it in a heartbeat. Last year I’ve done the most amazing trip ever in my life. Should I just close the book, knowing that I’m closing that book as a happy man? Would I be happy forever though after this?

I know the answer: no. Constant maintenance needed to keep ourselves happy, and my way to make myself happy is to travel.

So here I am, already brewing some vague idea for the year’s end. My feet are itchy already. My mind is wandering already.


After talking to a friend some months ago, I did some self reflections. I realized that I’m myopic, both literally and figuratively. Yes, I’m nearsighted. But the most important thing I realized was that I’m myopic in the sense of my travel destination.

Whenever I travel, I would look at abroad destination, which is great, because I can immerse myself in so many different cultures. But, I feel like I’m ignoring what Indonesia offers to me. There’s an Indonesian proverb “Gajah di pelupuk mata tak tampak, kuman di seberang lautan tampak”, which tells us exactly not to be myopic.

So I decided this time, I would look at Indonesian destination, I would make sure that this would be a hell of a trip.

The Plan

Bali and to a lesser extent, Lombok, are really popular destination for Indonesian and foreigner alike. If you tell your Indonesian friends that you haven’t been to one of those islands, they’ll frown upon you. And that person who is frowned upon so many times is me.

Not that I want to satisfy their expectation, but more because Bali and Lombok are known for their beauty. That’s what drive my decision.

It would be so easy to grab a plane ticket, book a 3 stars hotel, and enjoy the luxury. However, that’s not my way. For me, trip should be an adventure, a way to break free from my comfort zone, a way to learn new things.

So I decided to do a road trip. Starting from Yogyakarta, I’ll make my way to Bali then Lombok. In total it would be around 900km one way. So around 2000km round trip.


What’s more challenging is that I would bring my bicycle with me, and explore some cities along the way by bicycle. Some cities I want to explore are Malang, Jember, and Banyuwangi. But, I especially want to explore Bali and Lombok by bicycle.

I set the road trip duration for about 2 weeks. That would be plenty of time to not rush the trip.

This time, I won’t be alone. Two of my friends will join me. Although I prefer to be alone, they actually share my vision on this trip, so I’m more than comfortable with them. Being with the others in a road trip is also great because you can share everything: gas, accommodation, driving.

Being on a road trip by car would be very beneficial in term of financial sense. You don’t have to pay for the transportation or even accommodation. You’ll also get more freedom out of your trip. Broke? Why don’t we just find a gas station, and sleep in the car? Want to explore some interesting place, but no public transportation there? Just hop on a car or bicycle, and go.

I still need to prepare some things, like, make sure that my car and bicycle is in perfect condition, budgeting, training for longer bicycle touring, etc.

This would be one hell of a trip.

I can hardly wait for this.