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Nglanggeran Hike

Nglanggeran. Even for me, who has lived in Central Java for about two decades, I find it difficult to pronounce. But, difficult to pronounce or not, Nglanggeran is a great way to spend your morning in Yogyakarta. Go there early, hike for around one hour, then just enjoy the view on the summit.

Nglanggeran located in Patuk, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. I’ll just give you the Google Maps.


The hike begins with some stone steps. Eeeeeasyyy. Left and right, you’ll see volcanic rocks and volcanic cliff. After all, it’s an ancient volcano! So, might as well has some volcanic stuffs, right?

They told that Nglanggeran was a volcano back then. By “back then”, I mean some million years ago. It’s not an active volcano now. Nowadays, it’s a volcanic rock hills.

Going on, the trail becomes narrower. To the point it’s like the trail is just a cut from a big volcanic rock. I found this similar to what I’ve seen in Baochu Pagoda trail in Hangzhou’s West Lake, albeit without volcanic stuff.


There are multiple summits in Nglanggeran. I encountered them throughout the trail. Every one of them offers beautiful scenery.


See that rock? That’s some serious volcanic rock, that guy.

Pardon my photo quality. Yes, I know it sucks. I use my Oneplus One smartphone. It usually takes a good picture. But at that time, I didn’t realize that there were dusts inside the phone’s camera lens. To be fair though, I just realized it today. No wonder the right part of the pictures I took always looks hazy and washed out.

After passing half of the trail, it becomes more earth than rock.


After around one hour, give or take, I could see the summit (this one is the real summit!). It’s the highest point of Nglanggeran. A lot of not so cute monkeys there, waiting for you to throw some foods to them. It’s always a concern. Unnatural behavior of wild animals because of human.


Here’s what the summit vista looked like. At the background you should be able to spot a body of water. It’s not a natural lake. It’s a man made lake to store rain water. Because, you know, when you hear Gunung Kidul, you would think of drought. But, the presence of that lake only enhances the scenery here.


Another look from the summit.

So that’s it. But boy does the picture suck? Such a pity. My pictures don’t do a justice to Nglanggeran’s vistas.

I vowed to myself to go back there (it’s only 30 something minutes from my home!). Bring my pocket camera (pocket camera beats smartphone camera 24/7). And take a good pictures.

So that’s it. Nglanggeran.

In Yogyakarta, I plan to hike every weekend. You know, because it’s fun, it’s healthy, and the scenery is great.

Two years ago, who knows that Yogyakarta offers a lot of good hiking trails!