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The Privilege to Dream


Everyone dreams big. It has no limit. End of discussion.

But wait!

Surprisingly, although that notion is really easy to take and swallow as a theory, in reality, not many people dream big. I know, I know that big is relative, but if there’s a thing that’s so limitless, that thing is dream. So, why don’t people exploit this more?

This is my observation. This would be very subjective.

Dreaming, for a lot of people, is a foreign concept. This is true for people that have hardship in their life. For them, survival is much much much more important than anything else in this world. Why should I dream, when I have to work 20 hours a day doing physical labors just to barely survive? I’m not saying that in that condition, no one dreams. There are people who can still dream big in that condition, but it’s harder.

Another kind of people who might find it hard to dream are the one who finds themselves in bad society. I could say this based on the situation around me. People will tell you that you’re stupid to dream that big. People will tell you that you should just be content to what you already have. People will tell you to stop that kind of thoughts, and just dream small, dream the dreams that are well perceived in that society.

People often become envious and shoot your big dream down when they heard that your dream is bigger than theirs. There’s a reason on why envy is part of the seven deadly sins. Dante understood.

Another thing that societies are so good at is to give people fear. With fear, no one can dream, let alone dream big. For example, they’ll say how will you live your late days if you do that? How will you live without spouse and children? Do you want to die alone?

And those are very effective way to kill one’s dream. Those are why bad societies kill big dreams.

If you want to see something like this in the internet, just go to Reddit’s r/GetMotivated. When someone put their big dream or their encouragement for other people to dream big, all of those internet legions will muster all of the negativity they could find. Very ironic.

Another kind of people who can’t dream are those who found that their demon are stronger than themselves. When you’re depressed nothing matters anymore. Everything is grey, dull, and just sucks. You become apathetic. You couldn’t care less about anything. What is dream?

Hence, to dream big, I feel like we have to be in the right condition. And that condition is nothing to be taken for granted. It’s a privilege. It’s a fruit of hard work from people around you. It’s a fruit of your hard work.

If you take that privilege for granted, it’s very easy to drop your big dream. Societies give you a lot of temptation. They offer you comfort and stability and pleasure. But you have to pay the price. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You have to pay that with your big dream.

The choice, is ultimately up to the individual.

You’d think, who the hell am I to tell about all of these. I’m nobody. But I write this, for a reminder to my present and future self. After all, the path of dreaming big is my choice. Temptations are ample, I tell you, they’re those low hanging fruits waiting and singing like a Siren to draw me and seduce me to pick them. It’s up to me, whether I choose to falter, or I choose to be firm.

I surely don’t want to take this privilege as granted. It would be utterly disrespectful to my past self and anyone who had made it possible. Also, it’s like giving the universe who has bestowed this privilege upon me a big middle finger.

And the only way to respect that is to continue working toward my dream, and to continue dreaming. Big.