When I was young, The world it was smaller, The cities were vast, The buildings were taller

That quote is from When I Was Young, by Blink-182, one of my favorite band. In the past, it was just words. Today, it’s more than that. It’s a realization.

Yesterday morning, in my bicycle touring, that quote crossed my mind. Suddenly I could relate and realize what does it mean to me.

When I was young, the world was indeed smaller. I was content to what I knew. Possibilities were limited, because I knew only that small world and I’ve already nearly exhausted those little pool of possibilities.

That world, is my mind.

Being an adult, my mind matured. I think what I’ve never thought. I’m critical on what I was silent about. I look at things I didn’t know exist. This, open up so much more possibilities. Now, my world is larger.

If you ask me some years ago, do you want to travel the world, I probably will say no. After all, why should venture to the unknown, whereas I was safe here in my little world. However, being an adult, being much more independent, I now know what I want.

The same with other things. In the past, I would think anything I haven’t done before, anything unfamiliar wasn’t worth second glance. Now I embrace the possibilities and new things. I don’t think, I just try, then decide whether I like it or not after that. Almost everything I’ve tried as an adult, I like it. Except those silkworm pupae I ate in Beijing, not again, thank you. But then again, I never regretted any new thing I’ve experienced. To me, it will only make me stronger.

Currently I’m a 10km-er runner, 1km-er swimmer, 60km-er cyclist, and a certified SCUBA diver. Looking back, I wouldn’t have a slightest idea that I could be that active, as I hated being physical. I was dead last at high school at running. I just sucked. Hard. But, how I become like this now, it’s because I embrace possibilities. I sort of just do it, and think later. My world is larger indeed, because suddenly, so many possibilities are there, like a low hanging fruit, waiting for me to grab, and taste it.

Being adult, a lot of people will think of responsibilities. How their life suck because of the burden of responsibilities. How they can’t enjoy the life because there are so many responsibilities to carry. It’s true that they’re overwhelming, but you have another option.

Another way to see the world being an adult is that the world is now full of possibilities. Things that you don’t know, suddenly there. Thoughts that you’ve never thought of, suddenly crossed your mind. Foolish dreams that you dreamt of when you were child, suddenly becomes more realistic than ever.

A lot of responsibilities that adults bear are the fruit of society. They’re what the society expects you to carry. They’re perfectly optional. So, ultimately, it’s up to oneself to choose, which path one would take.

I know what I want. I want to explore and exhaust the possibilities the world offers.

So, now, my world, it is larger. The cities are tiny. The buildings are still tall, but I’m not amazed anymore.

To close this, I’ll quote another song: Drive by Incubus

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there with open arms and open eyes