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Tempus Fugit, Carpe Diem

Yesterday, I and my friend did something amazing. We were being productive! Now, I know, it’s not something people commonly think as an achievement. But for us software developers, it’s actually a big deal. We’re known to be some lazy ass, you see, because all of the distractions you can face, mostly come from our workspace and tools, aka computer connected to the internet. Be it in the form of Reddit, video games, Youtube, you name it! It’s not a coincidence that, in my observation, developers are the one who procrastinate more.

We’ve been planning to develop this app, a Hacker News reader for Android. Granted, there are a lot of them already. But, I don’t find any of them suitable for me. We want my app tailored to my needs and desire. We want it to use material design to its fullest glory. We want it to suitable to my reading workflow. So, we develop one. It’s not about money, or those stars and ratings in Google Play Store. It’s about us, first and foremost, and we’re open sourcing it.

Last evening, we actually worked on it 9 hours straight, with very minimal distraction. We were actually being productive, folks! However, that make me wonder though, why can’t we be productive in our 9to5 job? Many factors involved, but to name a few: Office is full of distractions. Wanna do a long and meaningless meeting? How about looooong toilet trips? Unsuitable working environment. The biggest culprit is the noise. Lack of privacy doesn’t help either. We’re not passionate enough on what we do.

The most important thing I realized is the number 3, we’re not passionate enough on what we do. It’s hard to be productive and engaged when we’re doing something that not very relatable to us. Like, it’s not out of our desire and passion that we work on something. It’s just an another task we have to do. So, although we might eventually done it in a timely manner, and with quality, (after all, we’re professionals!) there not much joy in the process. Also, when you’re working for someone, it’s really hard to find absolute freedom to work on what you’re passionate about. After all, money is involved here.

This thought sparks my desire. If I couldn’t get the euphoria of doing something in my professional life, I will look for it outside it. This blog is the first step to fulfill this desire. The second step is the aforementioned app we’re working on. And the next step is to continue working on what I really passionate about, be it in professional environment, if there is an interesting project going on, or in my personal life. Lastly, it’s a fallacy that just because we’re bored or not passionate about our daily 9to5 job, we could procrastinate outside our 9to5. I’ve been there until recently, and I can tell you that you’re not bored or dispassionate about the trade in general, but you’re just bored with your particular office task. Go build and develop something outside your 9to5. Build something you’ve been really want to build. Develop something that you’ve been longing to develop. Outside the professional environment, you have all the freedom in the world you could have to do it. Use it, and you’ll find it’s really amazing, and you’ll find your fire once again. After all, life is too short for us to just procrastinate about, and not doing something meaningful.

Tempus fugit, ergo, carpe diem.