Why This Blog!?

Building a personal website and a blog was really what I wanted for this past year. However, you know, this procrastination thingy was really holding me back. Until, one day I stumbled upon Tim Urban’s wonderful blog, waitbutwhy.com, especially those trifecta of posts about procrastination: first, second, third. So I made a leap to create this blog.

Personal mission aside, I also want share some knowledge that could be useful for other people. For example, how to make this blog. Wagtail is really wonderful CMS. It’s rich with features, has a lot of flexibility, and customizable. However, I found that the documentation is somewhat lacking. It’s rather difficult for someone like me that has zero knowledge in Django to get started. To see what a good documentation could do, I would compare Wagtail documentation, or any documentation really, to Laravel’s. Laravel’s documentation is by far the best documentation I’ve ever read. When I started learning Laravel, I was in the same situation, similar like what I currently have; absolute zero knowledge in MVC web framework, and worse yet, I didn’t know PHP. But by just reading Laravel’s doc, in a very short time I was able to get my s*** together. So, I hope that Wagtail could learn from Laravel to improve the documentation.

Also, because Wagtail is still young, and not very widely used (correct me here), there are only handful of external resources there in the web. Searching Stackoverflow for Wagtail would only yield under 100 questions. Searching Google for tutorial would only yield a handful of blogs talking about Wagtail. So, for that particular reason, I will share my experience on building this blog, so that there will be more and more Wagtail resources out there.

I also want to use this website to share my thought. Because I think, if you want to be critical thinker, you have to share your thinking. Critical thinking would be a futile thought if it’s only kept in one’s mind. Take for example Nelson Mandela. He was critical about apartheid policy. Would he change the world if he kept his critical thinking? Okay, let’s not be unrealistic, you and me probably won’t change the world by our thingking, but at least we could make a difference in our circle to make at least our little world better.

Third, I want to showcase my works and portfolios here. Basically to prepare me for my nomadic journey. Because, hey, nomads also need to pay the bills. Developing software is my passion, and is what I could do best to make money. So I’ll continue doing it.

So, here I am. For the past week I’ve been building this blog using Wagtail. It’s really fun to tinker about this kind of things, especially when you have zero knowledge of the tools (Django, PostgreSQL, Wagtail). I learned a lot just by setting up this project. This is why I’m really glad I made a leap of faith to do a concrete thing like this instead of just dreaming someday I’ll have a nice personal website and blog. So for you procrastinator like me out there, one thing I want to say to you is to ‘JUST DO IT! LIKE, RIGHT NOW!’. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have knowledge or lack of experience. I’ve proven it that zero knowledge on something will not hamper your effort. It merely will just take you longer. However, that long way toward your goal is full of experiences and knowledges and lessons, so, take it. You can do it, and there is no reason not to. If I can, why can’t you?

Just like Paulo Coelho said, in his Alchemist:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it